Work Out at Tiny Fitness

Fitness Classes Montrose River Oaks
See results fast with personal training, join the Zumba Fitness party, or put yourself to the test in Bombshell Bootcamp, but whatever you do, start today for an even better tomorrow.

Check out some Tiny Fitness success stories and get ready to add yours to the list. Tiny Fitness will only be accepting new personal training clients for 2017 through November 12, so make sure to start soon if you're ready to reach your goals before the new year.

The Tiny Fitness studio is conveniently located in Montrose, just minutes from Downtown, Midtown, the Heights, and River Oaks.

Tone Up and Get In Shape

Fitness Classes Montrose River Oaks
Are you ready to feel better and get fitter? Whether you need to get ready for a special event or it’s just time to look and feel your best, Tiny Fitness is here to help you shine.

PS – our website is fun, but our studio is even better. Let’s get started together today so you can see results before the holidays.

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