Freestyle Friday: How Zumba Saved my Life (Part 1)

image(11)I lead Zumba classes because I believe in the Zumba method, mission, moves…and more. I know it’s an amazing workout, a killer party, and, if you let it be, a total life-changer.

Don’t believe me? Your first class is free 🙂 It’s worth an hour of your time to see for yourself.

Still on the fence? Please enjoy the unembellished story of how Zumba saved my life – part 1.  (Part 2 will be here next Friday.)

I slouched into the back row of my first class, feeling clumsy in my 5k t-shirt and worn running sneakers. No one else was wearing shorts. Did I miss the neon memo?  Did they say that was only our warm-up?? How is she doing that with her arms/hips/feet? I strategized about how to make it to the door on every break.

I wasn’t sure I would go back for a second class. I had kind of hated it because it was so hard, but it was also…fun? After years on treadmills, stairmasters, and hot asphalt, was it possible that I had just said an hour of extreme sweat was fun?

My second class was…worse. I actually tripped over my own feet and fell. (I was already dizzy from a medication I was taking, but still….) But it was also better! I remembered a few of the songs and was able to relax for a few seconds and have…fun?

I bought a pass and committed to try it out for a month. Two classes a week became four or five. I swapped out my worn running sneakers for new, bright pink Nikes*.  I filtered up through the rows until I was in …The Front.  Every now and then, the instructors even asked me to come up and help lead part of a song.

After about a month, I was no longer out of breath halfway through the class. My legs were stronger and my jeans were looser. Most important, though, my smile was bigger.

Check back next Friday for part 2 – the best is yet to come.  (No more falls, though – it’s been a few years since that incident.)

*Neon shoes are not a requirement, but they sure are fun!  I never would have bought them before I found my Zumba confidence.

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