September 2014 Tracking Challenge Wrap-Up

Congratulations to all of this year’s September tracking challengers!  Everyone did a fabulous job.  Just because the challenge is over doesn’t mean it’s time to stop tracking, though….

Some things to think about after this month of tracking:

What was easy?
Was it easy to log your workouts? To copy meals from day to day, or to use the bar code scanner to enter foods without even searching?

What got easier?
Did you find it easier to repeat meals or foods in order to keep a handle on your goals for the day?  To cook at home instead of eating at a restaurant?

What was challenging?
Was it hard to remember to track in the first place?  To measure your servings?  To meet your calorie goals?

Building new habits takes time, so be patient with the harder parts of tracking and trust the process.  Your data will come in handy as you progress toward your health and fitness goals!

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