October Challenge Week 1: What moves you?

Life has its ups and downs in all arenas – and the health and fitness journey is no exception.  The difference between success and failure often hinges on how we respond to the “downs”.

So, before we settle into the pie-and-mashed-potato-eating, couch-dwelling, semi-hibernating season, I want to fill up your toolbox with some tricks for handling those “downs”.  Each week in October we will explore a new aspect of the ever-elusive motivation and find ways to make it stick around.

And, yes, there is a prize at the end of the month for Tiny Fitness Clients* who successfully complete each week’s activity on schedule.

Your challenge for week 1 is to make a list of what moves you – at least 10 reasons you want to be healthy/in shape/on this fitness journey.  I’ll be bold and share mine – this is the top of my real, honest list of why I exercise and eat healthily.

  1. To live my best life. (a.k.a To Wake Up Feeling Awesome) My life is pretty packed, and I depend on the energy I get from being in shape and fueling my body properly.  I can feel a huge difference in my energy levels if I go more than a week without being active or if my sweets and treats consumption eclipses my veggie intake.
  2. To stay healthy. I hope to stay healthy for a long time! Maintaining my health is a big part of my retirement plan – I want to stay strong and active for as many decades to come as possible.  I never take my health for granted after my long journey through allergies and all manner of issues.
  3. YOU GUYS. I can’t keep y’all in shape if I don’t keep myself in shape.
  4. Dancing. I have to stay strong to perform and to keep learning new moves/acrobatic tricks/show-off skills.
  5. To be happy. I love Zumba, and you probably couldn’t pay me to stop doing it.  Between the science of the post-workout endorphin rush and the plain old fun that I have during each class, exercise keeps me happy!
  6. To push my limits. I don’t just feel physically strong from my training – I know I am mentally and emotionally stronger from the hard work I’ve put in.  My results are undeniable proof that hard work really does pay off, and that’s a reassurance that I think we all need from time to time.  So much of my confidence comes from learning – and pushing – my limits during my workouts.
  7. Travel. Travel is one of my top passions, and I can’t spend days roaming new territories if I don’t have the fitness level to keep me going.
  8. To explore. I like trying (or inventing) new recipes and workouts – they’re my way of finding new territories when I can’t literally be on the road.
  9. For my dog…who loves his long walks more than everything else in the world…except food.
  10. Vanity. I like to wear whatever I want to wear, and some of those dance costumes are pretty unforgiving.

Now it’s your turn!  Create your list of 10 (or more) things that make you want to stay healthy, and keep it handy….

Questions? Ask me at your next class or session or drop me an email.  Let’s get those results!

*To be a current Tiny Fitness client, you must purchase a 10-class pass or personal training package between 9/1/14 and 10/31/14.

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