October Challenge Week 2: Create Your Vision

We listed our top ten (or more) reasons for getting fit and staying healthy last week, so this week it’s time to turn those words into a vision.  Imagine that you’ve achieved each of those things – what does life look like?  Feel like?

The task for week two is to convert your top ten list into its visual version – yes, we are making motivational collages!  Vision boards!  Reminders of our goals that we can see at a glance.  This is not to suggest that I believe in the power of manifestation (sorry…), but it’s because I know that having different types of reminders provides powerful motivation to help us keep going on our journeys.  Some days we might not feel like reading a long list of words.  Sometimes it might be nicest to look at a sparkling sea or a rainbow or whatever your healthy life looks like to you and feel what it will be like to reach that point.

You are free to make a hard-copy collage (I have plenty of magazines ripe for cutting here at the studio), but I also recommend that you make a Pinterest or digital version.  Once you’ve selected your images, I will even be happy to photoshop them into a custom phone background if you want!  I keep something motivational on my phone’s lock screen to remind me of my goals and to keep me from wasting time playing bejeweled when I know I have real life to live.

I made an example based on the top 10 that I posted: http://www.pinterest.com/tinyfitness/vision-board-example/.  Your images can be literal or not – as long as they remind you of the reason that you listed, they count.  Try to stick with images that remind you of your top ten list for now, though – save the others for a different board so that you can keep your vision clear.

A snippet from my board:



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