Five Ways…to get more out of your Zumba Fitness workout!

zumba-logo-verticalIf you are new to Zumba Fitness, congratulations! 🙂  Come back to these ideas in a few months if you feel like you’re in need of a new challenge.

But if you’ve been enjoying the Zumba Fitness party lifestyle for a few months…or years…these tips are for you.  Now that you’ve learned how to make it through a class without salsa-ing to a merengue, taking a 20-minute water break, or side-eyeing every new routine (oh yes, we see you back there!), you can take your workout to the next level with these five ways to challenge yourself:

Go big!

Make the most of every arm movement and try taking bigger steps as the routines allow.  You can increase your calorie burn and upper-body toning dramatically by amping up your movement.

Get low!

 Drop it low, girl (or dude).  There are lots of squat-like movements in Zumba Fitness for a reason – they’re great lower-body toners!  These powerhouse muscles can help your metabolism cranked even after class is over.

Use that core!

Keep your abs tight through the whole class and try to originate every movement from within your core.  Cumbia step?  Total core move.  Confusing merengue arm pattern?  That starts with your abs, too! Jumping? Knee raises? You guessed it…all about that core.

Rest, but…

only when you really need to.  It can become a habit to linger with your water bottle after every song, and before you know it you’ve rested for half the class! Listen to your body, but see if you can take fewer breaks. Your conscientious instructor has probably planned a playlist that includes some easier songs to balance out the killers.

Fuel up!

Should you eat before you work out? Yes, if you want results! If you come to a Zumba Fitness class with your tank on empty, you won’t have the energy to give your workout your all.  Everyone’s needs are different, but I recommend a small snack about 45-60 minutes before class (a banana, half of a PB&J, apple slices…) so that your muscles will have some energy to burn during all that shaking and popping.


You don’t have to try all of these tips at once – you will probably want to work them into your classes gradually, such as going big for three songs in your next class or focusing on your core in every other song.

As always, these are general recommendations that may not be applicable for everyone.  Consult your health professional before starting or modifying your fitness routine!

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