November Challenge: Gratitude

Last month’s challenge was a flurry of activity to help prepare us for the holiday season.  November is a quieter month…the leaves are turning (I’m told), the year is winding down, and daylight is ever shorter.  In keeping with this growing serenity, the November challenge is simpler and more introspective.

(I can’t help but link you to this poem, while we’re on the topic of autumn.)

Your first task for November is to be grateful.  The next time you find yourself in a moment of self-criticism, reach for gratitude instead.  Focus on the positive; find the silver lining.

Stop nervously checking the scale and appreciate all the places your body has carried you in your life so far.  Be thankful for the “jello arms*” that have hugged so many people who are dear to you. Whatever it is you’d like to criticize about yourself, realize how grateful you actually are to have that thing.

Life is short. Your goals are closer than you think.  Enjoy the journey and thrive along the way.

There’s no deadline for this part of the challenge, but I wonder how long you can extend it.  Can you bring it to your families and friends?  Can you bring it to your views of others?  Can you let it bring you a tiny gem of peace?

Fitness isn’t all about how many push-ups you can do – your inner strength will shine through, too.

*This is the way y’all talk about yourselves to me, not something I would ever think or say about anyone!

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