Quick Weight Loss? (5 Ways to…make progress sooner.)

weightInternet elves tell me that a lot of you find my website because you’re looking for “quick weight loss in Houston”.  I might not be able to offer you that through the internet, but I can give you some tips and suggestions here based on what I have learned through my time as a trainer and from my own personal experiences.

I know that the hardest part of a fitness program can be starting it at all, and sticking with it through the initial hurdles isn’t much fun either.  It can feel thankless to put effort into your workouts and not see the scale move!  However, by focusing on how your clothes are fitting and not on the number on the scale, you will be able to see your results week by week.  And, as long as you don’t quit, you will get where you’re going!  Here are 5 more things to try right now to help you lose weight more quickly:

  1. Stop looking at the scale more than once a week.
    The scale is honestly not a good measure of your fitness. Any “quick weight loss” of more than 1-2 pounds per week is probably coming from loss of water, and it’s healthiest to lose about .5-1 pound per week to ensure that you’re losing fat and not muscle.
  2. Take care of yourself.
    Start taking care of yourself today like you would when you reach your “goal weight.”  So many people put things off until they are in better shape, but getting in shape takes time and you deserve to be happy and well taken care of today.  It’s ok to love yourself now and still want to improve for the future.  Nourish your body and nourish your soul.
  3. Aim for fat loss.
    As a trainer, I can tell you that what you are actually seeking is probably fat loss, not just weight loss.  You want to look better, be healthier, and have your clothes fit better.  Fat loss comes from finding a balance of calories in and calories out that works for your body.  I can talk to you more about your specific balance point at your free consultation, or you can calculate it for yourself.

    4. Include strength training.
    Losing inches will also help you reach your goals, and strength training is a great way to get there.  I focus on total body strength training and HIIT cardio (high intensity interval training) with my clients, and each of my 2014 clients lost inches within their first four workouts with me.  There are so many options for strength training, like a Bodypump class, a push-up and squat routine that you do at home, weight machines at the gym, or a workout with me that includes free weights, TRX, and other fun strength-building activities.  Your muscles burn calories for you even while you’re just sitting around, so why not invest some time in helping them burn even more?

    5. Keep cardio in check.
    More is not always more.  If you’re doing more than 7 hours of tough cardio a week, you may be slowing down your progress!  Three hours might even be enough.  Everyone’s situation is unique – email me if you have questions about your specific program and I will try to give you feedback.  Did a trainer just tell you that you may need to exercise less?  Yes, that happened!  It’s all about a balance.

I wish that I could offer you shortcuts to weight loss, but slow progress is real progress!  I make a different program for each of my clients, but my top moves to help them make efficient progress and lose inches fast are:

  • Tabata training (one 4-minute burst of cardio – check out my Pinterest board for a free jumping jack tabata.  It works!) to help boost their metabolisms
  • Full-body movements like burpees, plank jacks, mountain climbers, and skaters for their cardio intervals to help recruit as many big muscle groups as possible
  • Challenging but safe strength training with an initial emphasis on the core and lower body to encourage the biggest, most calorie-torching muscles to stay fired up

We also work on calorie intake and macronutrient balance, stress management, and sleep strategies.  Once the ball gets rolling, the results are almost unstoppable!

Remember to consult your doctor before beginning or modifying your fitness program.  The recommendations I make above are generalizations about what has worked for my clients, but everyone’s needs are different!

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