A Day In the Life…

I love reading “day in the life” posts from others, so I thought I would share one of my own from today!  I failed to snap photos from key moments, but I will try to do an illustrated version of a post like this one soon.

5:45: Arise! Find my way into the shower and get dressed to train my first client.

6:05: Take care of the dog and set up the studio for my 8:45 client in case there’s traffic on the way home.

6:15: Make breakfast, breakfast #2, and a protein shake for later. Eat breakfast #1 (yogurt with fruit). Reply to emails. Tweak today’s Zumba playlist.

6:40: Leave for my first training appointment of the day. Post to Instagram on my way out the door.

8:00: Return from my training appointment.  Change to teach Zumba.

8:15: Copy my Zumba playlist to my iPod while eating breakfast #2 (egg breakfast tacos). Check on Facebook and Twitter.

8:45: Train!

10:00: Teach Zumba. Chat with Nicole.

11:15: Inhale protein shake. Train again.

12:15: Train again.

1:30: Heat and eat lunch (chicken with rice and vegetables). Clean the studio and set up for my next client.

2:30:  Shower and nap! (You knew there was a secret to my long days somewhere. I love naps.)

3:30: Take the dog to the park. I would have enjoyed another 20 minutes of sleep, but the weather is too good to pass up. Update social media while he plays with new friends.

4:30: Hit play on Shark Tank reruns. Draft a blog post for tomorrow. Research and plan workouts for Tuesday and Thursday clients. Eat more yogurt and fruit because tonight is grocery night and things are getting boring in my refrigerator.

5:30: Train again!

6:45: Clean the studio and set it up for tomorrow’s first client. Leave for my final appointment of the night (not training, but still work).

9:30: Pick up a few things at Whole Foods, then head to HEB for the rest of the week’s groceries – and snacks for my running group tomorrow morning.

10:30: Cook and eat dinner (pepperoni and cheese pupusas – yes, they’re still healthy!). Plan Zumba playlists for my Tuesday classes. Wash dishes. Finish this post. Stretch and foam roll – yesterday’s workouts have really caught up with me!

11:05: Shower again. Cuddle with the dog (a mandatory part of the day in his eyes – he will find me whether I’m ready or not) and set my alarm to make it all happen again tomorrow!

I feel very lucky to have 4 days like this every week!  (And very sore!) It’s such a change from just a short year ago, and I am grateful to each of your for your support <3

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