The “love you more” challenge: February 15-28

This challenge is open to everyone in the Houston area, even if you are not already a Tiny Fitness client! (A first!) Everyone who successfully completes this challenge will receive a FREE Saturday Zumba class and be entered into a drawing for an additional healthy prize.

Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, let’s spend the rest of February finding ways to love ourselves more. No matter where you are in your health and fitness journey, you should love yourself now! You can love yourself and still want to change or improve things, but it’s hard to change or improve what you “hate”.

The challenge: complete all of these tasks between February 15 and 28 and either pin your answers to a Pinterest board (and send the board to Tiny Fitness on Pinterest) or email your responses to Some of this is on the honor system, so be truthful!

Task 1:
Do three nice things for yourself. You get to choose what’s nice, but these three things should be outside of your ordinary routine. Try a massage, a home spa night, a healthy meal (or maybe some healthy takeout from Snap Kitchen), an extra nap, or whatever would really make you feel special and pampered. List or pin your three nice things to complete this part of the challenge.

Task 2:
Get at least 10 minutes of movement a day – jogging, walking, stretching, dancing, however you want to move! List or pin your activities to complete this part of the challenge – bonus points for tracking in MyFitnessPal (I’m TinyFitnessES if you want to add me).

Task 3:
Turn around your negative self-talk. Every time you find yourself speaking to yourself in a way you wouldn’t speak to a good friend (“I hate my legs! Look at this jiggle! Etc…you all teach me new negativity every week), gently change your phrase into something positive. Maybe you want to change something about your legs, but in the meantime can’t you appreciate them for their strength and power? Find the good in yourself. List or pin some examples of good you’ve found in yourself to complete this task.

Good luck and enjoy this love-filled challenge! ❤️

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