Maintaining Your Training – 5 Ways to maintain your running base a beginner

So you’ve finished the Couch to 5k program!  Back to the couch, right?

Not if I can help it!

You’ve worked really hard to build up to running 30 minutes nonstop, and I want you to consider these 5 easy ways to hang on to your new talent!

1. Run once a week
One day a week, run 20-30 minutes (or for 6 songs 🙂 ). Don’t forget to warm up with a walk first and stretch when you’re done!  This simple task will be enough for you to maintain your new “base” (the amount you can run without effort or extra training). Really do this. Nearly every hotel has a treadmill, and 20 minutes can be as little as 2-3 times around a block – running is portable and quick! Commit to yourself!

2. Find a running buddy
This strategy doesn’t work for everyone, but if you know someone who is about at your running level, maybe you can snag them to be your running partner every now and then! (Not having a buddy is no excuse to skip your weekly run.)

3. Choose your next race
My fellow Houstonians can check out for an up-to-date list of upcoming races. Having another goal on the horizon is great for your motivation!  You don’t need to increase your distance – another 5k is juuuuust fine.  I’ve run a lot of these and can tell you which ones are fun – and which ones give you a big plate of barbecue at the end!

4. Set a mini-goal
Do you want to run a total of 10 miles in March? Do you want to be able to run a mile in, say, 12 minutes?  Or faster than that? Do you want to be able to run for 4 or 5 miles nonstop?  Choose one of these (or another goal that will take you 6-8 weeks to accomplish) and work toward it in your weekly runs!  I am happy to offer tips and custom programs to help you reach you next mini-goal!

5. Run happy
Running is a gift.  You’ve given yourself something valuable by building up your body’s ability to run, and it will help you in any sport you might play, in your overall fitness program, in your cardiovascular health, and in your overall awesomeness.  So commit to being happy every time you run!  There will be bad runs, but be happy anyway.  There will be bad weather, road construction, sore joints, cranky feelings, and thirst, but be happy anyway.  Appreciate what you’ve learned to do!

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