Fall Into Fitness: How has fitness changed your life?

THAT’s an easier question for me than last week’s: How has fitness changed my life?


I don’t talk about my journey a lot except to say that life was a lot different before my gluten allergy was identified and I outgrew some other medical issues.

But it has been quite a journey.  And fitness has been at the center of it.

I’ve always loved so many active hobbies – hiking, soccer, hockey, and dancing start the list – but my physical opportunities were severely limited by my health problems.  I internalized those limits, and it took many, many tries for me to realize how limitless my opportunities really are now!

(There you go.  Three decades of struggle in three paragraphs.  Want to know more?  Ask me about it at the studio!)

So, now I wake up and I feel great.  If I want to do more pull-ups, I build on my existing fitness to become even fitter at pull-ups.  If I want to run faster, I train until I reach my goal.  Fitness is a pretty simple equation, in that you generally get out what you put in.  Work hard, and work on the right things, and you will probably reach your goals before you know it.  (Knowing that part has benefits that go far beyond the studio walls and the realm of physical fitness, too!)

Then there’s this whole Tiny Fitness studio thing that I do now!  I love helping others reach their goals, even if you’re having a grumpy day, or a doubtful day, or a day when you don’t want to track your food/do another set/do three more sets/do a wall sit.  If I hadn’t overcome my fitness roadblocks, I wouldn’t be here with you.

Without fitness, I’d be missing out on an awesome “job”.  There would be no tiny white and green fitness studio.  You might never have met the TRX bands.  I wouldn’t be doing what I believe in every single day.  We wouldn’t be having this discussion.  Fitness has connected me with so many amazing and inspiring people, and I think it’s helping me leave my corner of the world a little brighter.

Or at least a little more toned.


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