I hate this! Workout #2 with Elizabeth

Note from Elizabeth: Brie did AWESOME this week! Her workout included more TRX moves like the Y and the squat-row, some heavy dumbbell squats, and lots of core work…along with some time on the BOSU that she will soon befriend (I’m sure). 

Starting your fitness journey is hard.  Continuing your fitness journey is hard.  Improving your fitness level is hard.  But it’s also hard – maybe really hard – not to keep up with your journey!  I’m so proud of Brie for showing up and doing her best this week.

Ugh! I am so over this already. This is hard, way harder than I thought it would be, but somehow I am doing it.

Today, Elizabeth asked me to do something similar to a push-up, but it was on this ball, that, in my opinion, should be used as a beach ball and not work out equipment. I hate that thing. She asked me to put my feet up on it and I could not do it. I just could get my body to cooperate. I still feel the “heaviness” of my weight.

I am also way weaker than I realized. I had two strokes (TIA), a year apart to the day, and because of these minor strokes I have dexterity issues, problems with balance, and an overall weakness in my extremities. It makes it difficult to work out, but somehow I am managing to do most of what Elizabeth asks of me.

Today I looked at myself in the mirror at tinyfitness and saw the jiggly grossness of my thighs and the sagging under swing of my arms. I started crying. It was so hard to look at and it was even harder to imagine that it would ever go away. My mind tells me, “screw this fatso,” but I can’t. I just can’t. I won’t quit. I will get healthy. I will get stronger. I will walk farther and faster. I will, because I can.

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