Workout #3 with Elizabeth

Note from Elizabeth: Brie worked harder than ever in her third workout…maybe she liked the fact that it was only 45 minutes long instead of an hour!  We spent the first 15 minutes talking about nutrition, sugar, and the importance of taking in enough quality calories in order to preserve hard-earned muscle mass (and discourage bodyfat storage). 

After that, Brie kicked butt – literally – with some sumo squats, stability ball hamstring curls, and a ton of other fun and effective moves.  I know Brie will be seeing and feeling even more results at her next workout, and I can’t wait to check in on her progress soon!

IMG_6616.JPGI am not happy. I am not happy at all. I should be doing better, more, and I should be extremely motivated but I am not.

Although I feel this way, I keep showing up for my sessions with Elizabeth. One thing that has me down is the amount of sugar I take in, specifically energy drinks. It is bad for me all the way around. It is bad for my cognitive clarity, my bladder, the lining of my stomach, and its empty calories. I am having a hard time letting myself give me some much needed love.

A friend of mine always says, “Be kind to Brie. Treat yourself well.” Over this past several weeks, I have had to redefine what exactly that means. This whole ordeal – the working out, the losing weight – is not only about the physical, but the mental. There has to be an active change in my thinking and how I view what is good for me.


That’s the 3 Tablespoons of sugar in one Rockstar right there, or about 5 sugar packets!

This week’s session with Elizabeth was pretty amazing. I have had people say to me, “You really need to cut out X or Y or Z,” but she actually sat down with me and showed me in a visual way the amount of sugar I am putting into my body with the energy drinks I consume. It was really awesome and it has stayed with me this last couple of days.

We talked about a grocery list and surprisingly enough, I had purchase most of the items on the list. She gave me an idea of what I should be focusing on when eating, which is extremely helpful. I have not put it all into practice, but I am trying and I think that’s what she expects – to try and then try a tad harder. See ya next week. -Brie



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