Work Out #5 With Elizabeth

IMG_7024.JPGNote from Elizabeth: Brie is doing a great job, and I look forward to seeing how much faster her progress gets now that she is completing more of her “homework”!  Since she’s only working out at the Tiny Fitness studio once a week, Brie has 167 hours each week when I’m not around…and she is really starting to put a few of those to good use.  I can’t wait to see how much has changed for her by Thanksgiving.

This week, we did an assessment check-in and added a few more cardio intervals into her workout (like the stability ball march she’s doing here in the photo).  I think her cute new workout gear is totally helping her make faster progress!

So, this week was very exciting for me. I am actually starting to see real tangible results.

This session Elizabeth wanted to take some measurements, which was fine because I was curious to see if anything had changed. I operate from a pessimistic point of view most times, because when it comes to health and fitness, I feel so out of place. Well, guess who lost 4 inches and 7 pounds of body fat: ME! That’s right! This was such a motivating factor for my week 5 work out and the homework Elizabeth sent me home with.

IMG_7027.JPGMy thinking is continuing to shift. Thoughts like, “Wow, if I have lost 4 inches so far, if I actually completed all of my homework I would get even better result.” Just knowing that I am making numerical progress, is motivating, inspiring, and soooo encouraging. I am actually making real progress.

This week’s work out wasn’t that bad. I can see myself getting better at the exercises Elizabeth asks me to do. Each time I do an exercise with the stability ball, the bosu, or the TRX, I am doing it with more accuracy and a little bit of extra determination.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. I know that, so I am ok with progress not perfection.

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