TF Confidential: Why I ask you to track your food

Why you think I ask you to track your food:

  • I have a truly boring life with nothing better to do than read other people’s food journals
  • I’m a crazy b**** who thinks you’re so incompetent that you can’t even feed yourself
  • I don’t trust you to take good care of yourself when I’m not in the room
  • I have a Kafka-esque streak that can only be mollified by inflicting busywork on everyone I meet
  • Trainers are mean mean mean mean mean

Why I actually ask you to track your food:

  • So I can understand the patterns of your daily life and help you find healthy solutions that will last you a lifetime


If you’re not already one of my personal training clients, know that 97% of the time I ask my clients to track their food.  (And if you want me to tell you, too, that you can “NEVER EAT CAKE AGAIN”, add me on MyFitnessPal – TinyFitnessES <3)

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