Work Out # 10 With Elizabeth

IMG_8894.PNGHey Tiny Fitness Family! I am excited to share with you the progress that I have made since my last post. I have had some medical issues interfere with life, and I think that is part of life happening, but I have continued to meet my homework goals, walk daily, and I am beginning to track my food better.

I hate to say this, and Elizabeth probably loves that I am saying this, but….I love working out with her! In the beginning, I was focused on continuing to lose weight, but it has become more than that. I enjoy going to the Tiny Fitness Studio, working with Elizabeth, and being my own witness to progress and change. I have begun to want to challenge myself, by doing exercises that I know I couldn’t do when I first started with Elizabeth. She expresses her excitement at watching me excel and enjoy my work outs.

I no longer drive up to the studio and think, “Oh my goodness, this is going to suck!” I actually get excited to see what exercises Elizabeth is going to set as a challenge, and if I can do it! I am beginning to see that most of my limitations are in my own mind (negative self talk) and I am working on ways to encourage myself even more.

I really feel that Elizabeth is actually proud of me and as my attitude has changed towards working out, I can hear her encouraging words more and more. Perception is everything, so why not have a positive outlook and instead of looking at something as an obstacle, so it as a challenge!

Note from Elizabeth: I swear I didn’t put Brie up to any of this!  She has made it through the first hard part of her journey, and now she just has to stay consistent to keep crushing her goals.  I can’t wait to see her progress at her next fitness assessment in a week or two.

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