TF Confidential: Commitment

Anyone can do easy things.

Anyone can do things under ideal circumstances.

Commitment is continuing even when it’s hard.

Commitment is choosing to get in your 10 minutes of physical activity instead of sleeping an extra 10 minutes.

Commitment is getting the food you need into the house so that you can stick to your nutrition goals.

Commitment is focusing on the positive and celebrating your accomplishments rather than nit-picking and demotivating yourself.

Working out even when it’s cold/hot/raining/windy/cranky/inconvenient.

Drinking water even when you don’t sit near the water cooler.

Loving yourself enough to want the most out of your life.

Pushing as hard as you can – leaving your comfort zone every once in a while.

Taking the risk of improvement.

Choosing the big picture.

Commitment is taking a step toward your best life no matter what.

And I don’t need you to commit to me, or even to my studio.

I need you to commit to you.

You need you to commit to you.

After all, who is going to come live your life for you?

You’re not just anyone.

You can keep reaching for your goals even when the circumstances aren’t ideal.  You’re strong enough to stay the course.

In real life, we don’t get a lot of ideal circumstances anyway.

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