2015 Year in Review

I loved 2015! Did you?  Here’s some of what I loved:

  • We sweated together for more than 150 hours of Zumba, 80 hours of Circuit Challenge, and 700 hours of personal training
  • We doubled the size of our studio
  • We added more than 150 new faces to the Tiny Fitness family

Along the way, you all constantly surprised and delighted me with:

  • Your amazing progress – together y’all lost more than 250 inches and 160 pounds
  • Your perseverance in the face of challenges, from the literal Turkey Challenge and Reindeer Games to the everyday challenges of healthy eating and loving yourselves
  • Your strength – on an average week, you lifted more than 2 tons at our tiny studio

Together, we had some crazy adventures….

  • Having Zumba Fitness classes in the Heights
  • Eating chia pudding of various flavors
  • And doing lots, and lots, and lots of burpees

And, most importantly, we had fun.  Fitness shouldn’t be terrible drudgery – it’s part of your everyday life, so I want you to enjoy it and celebrate your progress freely.

Because you’re pretty darn rare and incredible for making these positive changes in your life.  I might be here to cheer you on, but you’re the one doing the hardest work.  And I am really, truly, so proud of you.

I can’t wait to keep on making tiny changes with you in 2016.  Before the ball drops on 2015, let’s close out the year with a giveaway!

I’m giving away two prizes: A ClassPass prize pack and a Travel Foam Roller prize pack.

If you found Tiny Fitness through ClassPass, please enter the ClassPass giveaway.

If you found Tiny Fitness through any source other than ClassPass, please enter the Travel Foam Roller giveaway.

If you enter, GOOD LUCK and happy winning!  (Questions? Contact me.)
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