Hello Summer: Not-So-Secret Strategies to Reach ANY Summer Goal

Did you set your summer goal?  Do it, do it!  As of today, you’ve got 83 days left – enough time to make REAL progress toward any goal.

Crush your goal with these 4 strategies that will help you reach ANY target you choose in an even more awesome way:


Get your water in.  Get your water in.  Get your water in.

Want to get more flexible?  Stay hydrated.

Want to lose fat more easily?  Stay hydrated.

Want to sleep better, think more clearly, or be less moody?  Stay hydrated.


Nourish your body by giving it what you know it really needs as opposed to what’s just convenient.  (Better yet, make those foods convenient for yourself!)

Nourish your feelings by sharing them with the people who matter to you, by expressing them through a creative outlet, or at least taking a few minutes each day to acknowledge them on your own.

Nourish your spirit by doing things that bring you joy and peace.  (Working out can count!) You can’t just keep grinding forward toward your goal without some joy along the way – you will burn out.


Move your body.  If you’re not active, start walking.  If you’re walking, think about adding some strength training.  If you’re ready to jog, jog.  Come to Zumba or Bombshell Bootcamp. If you don’t know what else to do, put on some music and see where your feet take you. Living room dance parties are never a bad idea.

Love Yourself.

Yes, we are working toward goals, but you are also alive in this present moment, so live it to the max by loving yourself.  It’s ok (good, even!) to love yourself while still trying to make improvements.

So take stock: appreciate all the things you’ve already accomplished in life, all the good things you do on a daily basis, and the commitment and drive you have to keep moving forward and accomplishing new things.  Repeat as needed.  Write it down and stick it somewhere you can see it if you think you’ll forget how awesome you are.

If you need a reminder…

summer-goals-wallpaper-tnI made you this wallpaper for your phone (click the image to get the full-size wallpaper).  I always have something that inspired me on my phone’s lock screen…my iPhone says that its lock screen was on 1.4 hours in just the last day, so that’s a lot of time to let the message sink in.

No matter what your goal is, these four actions will help you feel your best every day and make it easier to bring your dreams alive.

You can do it!

Really, you can.

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