What’s your power word? – Rest and Reflect – Summer Challenge

Now! Summer challenge motivationFor our first Rest and Reflect Saturday of the 2016 Summer Challenge, the question I posed to you was:

What one word motivates you RIGHT NOW in your health and fitness journey?

For me, that word for the summer is NOW.

Not in an impatient sort of way.

But NOW is definitely the best time to take the next step on whatever journey we are on.  It’s probably a tiny step, but if we don’t take it, how will we take the next one?  Or the next one?

And then, won’t time pass like it always has, with us no closer to our goals?

For example, my schedule changes a lot.  I prefer to do my meal prep on Mondays, but I might not always have the perfect free time.  So, whenever I do have free time to prep meals, I can prep some things NOW, whenever that NOW is.

My schedule changes also mean that I don’t always know when I will get my workouts in.  But, when I see a window of free time (even 10 minutes), I am much better off doing what I can in that NOW than waiting for a perfect moment to arrive.

(Spoiler alert: there are very few perfect moments.)

And whenever I am working out, or even if I’m doing something like writing this blog post, I am 100% committed to that NOW that I’m occupying.  My mind might come up with future things or past things to contemplate or stress over, but the NOW that I have won’t ever be back, so I have to make the most of it.

That’s true for you, too.

This NOW won’t ever be back, so make the most of it.

If you’re doing bicycle crunches, do them at 100% effort.

If you think you can go for one more pull-up/squat/lap around the block/vegetable in your life, do it.

If you have some goal that seems far off and futuristic, take stock and find the one step that you can do toward it NOW.

Show up to your life and live your NOWs.

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