What’s your best healthy habit? Summer Challenge – Rest and Reflect

For our second Rest and Reflect Saturday of the 2016 Summer Challenge, the question I posed to you was:

What is your best healthy habit?


I work out regularly.

I make healthy meals at home and healthy food choices when I’m out.

I stay hydrated sort of.

Fitness is a habit, a lifestyle, not a temporary quick fix, and I long ago embraced that idea.  It’s just a part of taking care of yourself, just the same as brushing your teeth.

So, for me, right now, I think my best healthy habit is setting short-term goals…like 1- and 2-week goals.  My overall goals are big and reaching them might not be right around the corner, but I’ve learned that very short-term goals are great for keeping me motivated, and for helping me to embrace the NOW.

For example, I am working to improve my pull-ups.  Instead of focusing on how much farther I might have to go toward my goal or the totally unknown timeframe for success (since I’m in uncharted territory for my personal strength), part of that goal included making sure I got in 120 pull-ups at some point during this week. Next week I’ll go for 130…or maybe a few more.  I’m not looking ahead farther than next week, because I have to wait and see how I go!  Making a detailed schedule won’t help me reach my goal, because fitness isn’t usually a linear progression.

Another short-term goal was to use all the of the veggies from this week’s farmshare.  I set aside an hour when they arrived and cooked and prepped almost all of them right away!  First time ever for that.  Now I just have to make sure I eat them all….


What’s your best healthy habit?

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