What does it mean to be fit? Summer Challenge 2016 – Rest & Reflect

I really want to hear your answers:

What does it mean to be fit?

My simplest answer, as a personal trainer and a human being: being fit means being able to comfortably accomplish all of the activities of my daily life.

Easy enough?

For some of us, our daily activities are walking, climbing a flight or two of stairs, and maybe lifting something moderately heavy like a bag of pet food or 5-gallon water bottle.

For others, daily activities include running miles, doing handstands, climbing mountains, swimming laps, or lifting very, very heavy things.

For all of us, there are a lot of limits out there still left to test!

Fitness is a journey.

Your opinion of the destination will change a lot during your lifetime, and maybe even during this year. A lot of us start with a physical image of what fit “looks like”, but we soon realize that looks don’t have a lot to do with ability, and that they have even less to do with how life feels.

To me, fitness is a feeling.  My hope is for everyone to feel good during their daily lives – it should never be a burden to make it to the end of the block. Bringing the groceries inside shouldn’t be a struggle.  Moving the couch shouldn’t come with the risk of a hospital visit.  There are enough hard things in life, so why don’t we make these tasks into easy things?

Fitness, of course, also has to do with your health and your life expectancy…so not only are we addressing the quality of your life with your workouts, we are also affecting the quantity of it! Best case, you will feel better for longer!  That’s a cause I can get behind all day.

So, I really want to know…

…and give you a prize for sharing your answer with me on Facebook or Instagram: what does it mean to be fit?

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