Celebrate Your Accomplishments – Tiny Tuesday – Summer Challenge 2016

This week’s tiny change: Celebrate one accomplishment from this challenge (without rewarding yourself with something edible). What are you most proud of? How can you keep improving on that thing?

It’s our last Tiny Tuesday of the summer (no idea what I’m talking about?), so let’s celebrate our favorite thing…


What are you proud to have accomplished during this challenge?  How are you going to celebrate it?  And how can you keep improving on your awesomeness?

(Remember to tell me about it on Facebook or Instagram to be eligible for prizes!)

My real favorite accomplishment is seeing all of your progress, and I celebrate by giving you prizes.


I participated in the challenge, too! And my favorite accomplishment was getting more sleep.  I can’t do it on Monday nights because of my class and client schedule, but I used that part of the challenge to help me see where I could make room for more sleep.  I love sleep.

I LOVE sleep.

So do my muscles.

I can get so much more done when I’m well-rested, and while my local baristas might miss my smile, my body feels so much better when it has a full night of recovery.

How should I celebrate?

Should we have a Tiny Fitness slumber party in the studio? TRX all night!

24 hour bootcamp!

Nah, I’m celebrating by taking 5 minutes in the mornings just to enjoy quiet time with my dog and BE. Not to meditate, not to make lists, not even to drink warm lemon water or pick out my outfit.  Just easing into the day and appreciating all the great things in my life.

Like you.

Now tell me about your accomplishment and your celebration strategy!

Tell me = win prizes = everyone is happier.

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