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I am in the literal business of helping people reach their goals. I love watching people transform their lives from the inside out, and I am grateful every single day that I am able to dedicate all of my time to my clients’ successes.


Sometimes, we go through phases where we are just not reaching our goals. There are a few exceptions, of course, but these are the three most common reasons I see when folks fall short of their goals.

Goal Block 1: Not Really Putting In The Work

For my clients, I can make sure that they put in the work for at least the hour or three I see them each week. But everyone still has choices  to make when we are not in the studio together. And we can be really good at deceiving ourselves about just how much effort we are putting in to our own progress.

It’s worth asking yourself every day: am I making the best choices for me? Am I settling for something I know isn’t the best for me? Am I doing what will help me reach my goal?  Am I working as hard as I can?

Struggle is the root of success…

so pay attention to your answers to those daily questions. And, when you find yourself struggling in one area or another, TAKE NOTE.  Don’t hide from it, but don’t believe that the struggle will be permanent. Sit with the struggle.  Get to know the struggle.  Untangle it, draw a map of it, look at its pros and cons, ask it where it came from, and gently unlock the answer (which you already have!) to how you can release this struggle from your life.  (Or bring it to training and chat with me about it.  It’s not scary.)

Goal Block 2: Not Taking The Next Step

Progress comes in phases.  We start at the bottom of the ladder, climb up slowly (possibly sliding back down a few rungs from time to time), triumphantly reach the top and…find another ladder.

There’s no doubt about it: it is GREAT to reach the top of a ladder!

But it’s just a ladder, not the ladder. If you want to keep seeing new results, you have to be prepared to begin a new climb.

This is why fitness folks are so fond of aphorisms like “DESTROY YOUR COMFORT ZONE” – by the time you get comfortable, it’s probably time to move forward.  However, this isn’t just how fitness progress works: all progress in life comes in these phases.  We are always growing, changing, discovering, and becoming, so embrace this lifelong journey and just do the extra 10 burpees already.

As much of a drag as it can be to look ahead to the next climb, it’s also a great vista from which to appreciate how far you’ve come.  We always overestimate our starting points, so whenever you’re feeling like you’re not making any progress, look back at your starting progress photo, an old fitness journal entry, or even your starting measurements to remind yourself of how far you’ve REALLY come.

Goal Block 3: Not Being Consistent

“Just one” is the enemy of success, because it’s never “just one”.  Just one week off, just one day without vegetables, just one entire chocolate cake…it takes a lot of focus to recover from a “just one”, and they usually come in packs.

If you’re not a math fan, five “just one”s is actually a “just five”.

This isn’t to say you need to rigidly force yourself into things that you find utterly miserable – but you do need to be consistent in order to see – and maintain – results.

Consistency looks different for everyone; it’s a factor of your available time, the type of results you want, and how long you’ve been working for or maintaining them.

Commit to 10 minutes EVERY DAY.

Ten unconditional minutes a day…my favorite fitness strategy.  Ten minutes of what?

  • walking
  • stretching
  • bicep curls and push-ups
  • vigorous dog petting
  • meal planning
  • meal prep
  • taking progress photos
  • writing in your fitness journal
  • eating a healthy meal
  • registering for fitness classes or setting up a personal training consultation
  • jogging
  • abs
  • setting goals for the week
  • washing your fitness gear
  • tracking your food
  • meditating (drinking wine is not actually meditating)
  • texting your trainer about your fitness roadblock
  • ANYTHING that will help you reach your health and fitness goals

If you see yourself in these goal blocks…

…don’t despair! Use the tips on this page to take one tiny step toward becoming a blockbuster (heh) and kick your excuses to the curb.  You’re stronger than those fears, anyhow.  (Yes, you.)  Tomorrow, take another tiny step.  Keep on taking your tiny steps, and see how different your life looks a month from now.

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