Fitness Clothes That Rock – Under $20

Leggings don’t have to cost $85 to look and feel great!  If it’s time to update your gear, check out these pieces from Target that meet my tough criteria as a personal trainer and cost less than $20 each (most are closer to $10!).

My Fitness Clothing Criteria:

  • Sports bras need to do their job without suffocating or chafing
  • Leggings need to stay up, not be transparent during use, and not lose their stretch
  • Tops need to be cute to look at but never annoying to wear – they should stay put, be long enough to tuck in if I’m going upside down, and have straps that make sense for active use

As much as I love Target clearance…

…the fitness stuff that ends up there is usually super weird!  You only need a few basic pieces for your workouts, so choose things that you like and spend the extra $1 or $2 to avoid the pants that are 8 feet long, the extra-squeezy-banded sport bra, or the crazy-constricting top.  Trust me.  We all like deals…but it’s not a deal if you never wear it.

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