Get the most out of Tiny Fitness!

Whether you’re stopping by for a class or toughing out a personal training session, here are some ways to make the most out of your visits to the Tiny Fitness studio!  We pack a lot into our tiny space, so take your time exploring all of the help we offer with your fitness lifestyle.

1. Connect with Tiny Fitness on Facebook and Instagram.

I publish lots of tips and fun motivation on Facebook and Instagram so like/follow to be the first to know about our newest recipes, workouts, classes, and motivation.

2. If you take classes at Tiny Fitness, grab the free app to sign in from your phone.

Get the app – it’s available for iOS and Android – and save Tiny Fitness as a favorite.  Super easy, and there are sometimes exclusive deals available to app users! Watch this quick video I made for you to set up the app – it takes about 30 seconds!

3. Browse our blog.

The blog is the home of lots of recipes (I take requests!), still more tips, and answers to common questions from my clients. The site is totally searchable, so you can look for snack ideas, protein sources, or whatever else might strike your fancy. Some of the most-read posts:

The Worst Ways to use MyFitnessPal to Track Your Food
TF Confidential: Why I ask you to track your food
TF Confidential: Motivation (Where to get it, How to keep it)

4. Read our books.

Those cookbooks in the studio?  THEY ARE THERE FOR YOU. Not sure what to do with vegetables?  Looking for new flavors, or to replicate your favorite restaurant meals?  The cookbooks I’ve selected for the studio are there to deal with your most common cooking questions – and their recipes (snap a photo on your phone of your favorites to try them at home!) are just about as easy as the ones I post on this blog.  So, when you have a little time before or after your class or training session, please feel free to skim through our books!

5. Leave your negativity behind – and take something positive if you need it.

Those green boxes on our fence aren’t metaphors – they are really there for you to use!  They work best like this:

  1. Take your negative idea, experience from the day, or image of yourself, jot it down on a post-it (provided in the negativity box!), and leave it behind in the box.  I, the negativity janitor, will sweep it away unread.
  2. Take a positive message to think about for the week or month.  Every single message in the positivity box is true for each of you.

Fun fact: if you don’t make room for positive things by getting rid of the negative things, the positive things are less likely to stay with you!

6. Set up MyFitnessPal.

Follow the instructions in this video to add me as your friend on MyFitnessPal (my username is TinyFitnessES) and get your diary set up to track your food (especially for personal training clients).

7. Use our free home workouts.

I’ve answered a ton of common questions about working out on your own in our home workout info, or you can skip right to the workout videos.

8. Ask me!

I am always happy to answer questions over email (and text for my training clients!) so don’t ever worry about asking a “silly question” – whether you’re sore from your workout, not sure how to do something in MyFitnessPal, wondering about your results, or interested in anything else health/fitness-wise, feel free to shoot me a text or email. PLENTY of my clients do.  I’m here for you guys!

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