One Tiny Idea on Emotional Eating

self-care isn't selfishI have this really awesome post full of inflammation-fighting foods and recipes that I’m not posting today, because I’m dealing with a heavy personal loss and I can’t focus enough to be scientifically coherent. #human

Instead, I want to share a tiny tidbit about emotional eating that might be one way you can treat yourself a little bit better when hard times are in season for you (and they will be, from time to time).

Personally, I’m an emotional non-eater.  It’s not that I’m holier-than-thou and don’t need food – my feelings come from the same place as everyone’s, but instead of telling me that they think a stack of 5 pizzas sounds like a great plan for the evening, they tell me I’m not hungry and I will never be hungry again. Either way, these feelings just aren’t that honest.

So, what do we do when our feelings from our heart and our stomach get all tangled up?  Here’s my suggestion:

Whether you feel like eating a whole grocery aisle or never eating again, acknowledge that what your body is really saying is that it needs nurturing.

You’re hurting, you’re stressed.  And yet, cookies won’t solve that.  Eating just one meal a day won’t solve that either.

You know, deep down, that you’re worth taking care of (and, if you don’t know, I’m telling you with 100% certainty that it’s true!).

And you know that taking care of yourself means giving yourself what’s best.

What’s best might be one or two cookies, but not the whole box in one sitting.

What’s best probably also includes some fresh air and a green veggie or juice to keep you strong and healthy while you’re under stress.

What’s best probably includes some rest, but not sleeping the day away.

Some super-simple nurturing ideas that might help when you’re hurting:

  • hot tea or hot chocolate
  • fresh juice or a smoothie
  • a giant takeout salad with all the veggies and toppings on it that you just don’t feel like buying, washing, or cutting
  • a meal shared with a friend
  • a Zumba Fitness class (you don’t have to smile, just show up!)
  • a walk around the block – nothing major, just a little sunshine, even if you HATE sunshine right now
  • hanging out with pets and/or books
  • doing what you can today

Tough seasons will pass.

You’re not wrong or bad for having feelings, but you are worth taking good care of no matter how you’re feeling.  You don’t need to force yourself to feel positive, but you do need to keep yourself from being overwhelmed by the negative.

And if even captain positivity over here has some tough days, you might, too!  They’re part of life, but they’re far from being all of life.


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