New Year’s Resolutions You Don’t Need To Make

happy_new_year resolutions fitnessIt’s time to leave 2016 behind and look ahead to the shiny, new year of 2017 that awaits us…and that means that most of y’all will be setting resolutions.

If you are really ready for change, here are three resolutions you don’t need to make this year:

1. Lose weight! (typically the top New Year’s Resolution)

2. Get in shape!

3. Stay fit and healthy!

All three of those resolutions have good intentions, but they aren’t as effective as these alternatives….

Lose weight: why not?

There is nothing wrong with working to lose weight, but most people don’t succeed at this resolution because the scale isn’t usually the best measure of your progress.

Most people want to lose bodyfat, which, sure, will show as weight lost…eventually.  But it takes about 6 weeks for most peoples’ bodies to adjust to a new way of eating or moving, so if you’re weighing in every day and expecting to see change on a schedule…you may be disappointed.

A better resolution than “lose weight”: eat for nourishment.

Focus on whole foods and make choices that you love.  Get the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats for your body; limit processed and fast foods.  Enjoy a wide range of fruits, veggies, and other health-boosting foods.  Your body will show you its appreciation, and the scale will follow suit.

Get in shape: why not?

What do you mean, get in shape? How will you know when you are in shape?  Will you run a mile without taking a walk break?  Will you free climb the Chase tower downtown?  Will you be able to play easily with your kids (or grandkids…or puppies)?

This goal is vague and will keep you chasing an ever-shifting finish line…yep, that’s code for “you will quit”.  I don’t want you to quit!

A better resolution than “get in shape: choose a specific fitness goal that you can accomplish in January.

So, find your fitness: what is the first thing you would like to accomplish?  Take a Zumba class? Walk 10 minutes a day? Run three times a week?  Make that your goal, and set a new one when you’ve accomplished it.

Stay fit and healthy: why not?

Health and fitness aren’t add-ons to your life; they are the basis of your life.  They are the grease to your gears!  So, I don’t even know if “stay fit and healthy” is a thing…to me, it sounds like “don’t forget to wear pants when you leave the house”, but I’m willing to offer an alternate option….

A better resolution than “stay fit and healthy”: take great care of myself.

I want you to take care of yourself in all the ways that you need it.  Nourishing food and energizing movement are important! But so are strong relationships, time out to rest and recharge, meaningful work, enjoyable hobbies, and all of the other things that make our lives whole.

So, while I really do want you to stay fit and healthy, I want you most of all to take great care of yourself.  Life has its seasons, and our priorities shift accordingly.  (Fitting in 10 minutes of movement a day is a great habit to cultivate no matter what season you’re in.)

A few more ways to make sure your resolutions fail…

  1. Make them open-ended
  2. Make them because you feel like you have to
  3. Make them because you didn’t accomplish them last year
  4. Include really detailed timelines
  5. Overwhelm yourself
  6. Strive for perfection

Wondering about my resolutions and my approach to setting goals that you will actually reach?  Stay tuned…

…and in the meantime, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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