Where will you go? A fun summer challenge…

houston summer cardio challengeThis informal summer challenge is for all of the walkers, runners, and (even indoor) cyclists out there – or anyone who might find themselves with a spare moment to cover a mile or two from time to time.  There are no prizes (saving those for other challenges), but if you stop by the studio you can update your spot on the map!

One of the tough truths about fitness is that your tiny efforts (or their lack) really do add up over time to become something big.  This challenge will help you see that in action as you “travel” to another city…or maybe even another state.  I’ve measured the distances from the Tiny Fitness studio to several nearby* destinations, and I encourage you to start tracking your mileage and see just how far you might go by Labor Day.

(If you’re not in Houston or don’t come to the studio, you can use any mapping app on your phone to calculate the distance to your favorite nearby spots.)

So, where will you go?  Some ideas…

Katy  – 27 miles away

Galveston – 103 miles away

Austin – 165 miles away

San Antonio – 206 miles away

Dallas – 261 miles away

New Orleans – 379 miles away

Brownsville – 452 miles away

Memphis – 590 miles away

Las Vegas  – 1224 miles away

Some of these destinations might seem ambitious, but I bet you will be surprised how far you might travel!

Mileage Tracking Tips

Since this is an informal challenge, it’s up to you to decide if daily activity (like a step tracker), dog walks, or only deliberate cardio activity counts toward your mileage.  Maybe you even reward yourself with a prize!  If the rain ever stops, I’ve challenged my dog to make it to Galveston by Labor Day…don’t tell him about the prize option.

Check in with us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know how your progress is coming along!

If you don’t have a way to track your miles or you want a little extra out of your mileage, I recommend Charity Miles – your fave organization gets a few pennies for your efforts, and you get a free mileage tracker that won’t drain your phone battery.  (I recommend a few other apps too, if you missed this post.)

On your mark, get set….

*One’s concept of “nearby” certainly changes when one moves to Texas!

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