Workout Gear to Buy – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 (and some bonus shopping tips)

Spoiler: it’s not a great year for athletic gear at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  The discounts on leggings and tops aren’t that great (Zella crops were under $25 last year on sale and this year they are at least $33, boo!!!), and the styles that are on sale are pretty blah (but I’ve got other shopping tips below, so don’t despair).

However, if you are like many of my clients and you need actual support from your sports bra (cup size c or more and/or band size 38 or higher, do.not.stop. reading), this is the sale of the year!

So many Moving Comfort (Brooks) sports bras on sale! As far as I’m aware, Moving Comfort is tops when it comes to support, comfort, and durability for the upper half of the bra size spectrum, and these prices are great.

The Moving Comfort Fiona is on sale for $32.90.  It’s available in black and cobalt and goes up from a 30B up to a 44DD.  For $2 more, you can also get the Fiona in other colors (though sizes may not run the full spectrum – some colors only go up to a 40D). The Fiona is a great sport bra for even a high impact workout – running, Zumba, kickboxing – and this is a super price since they normally run $50-$60.

If you want even more support, the Moving Comfort Maia underwire sport bra is also on sale, down to $37.90 from $58. The Maia also goes up to a 44DD, though it runs large and you may want to size down by 1 cup.  I consider this bra similar to the Fiona, so it’s really a matter of personal preference as to whether or not you want the underwire while working out.  It doesn’t come in a ton of colors, but it will definitely get the job done, no matter how tough the job is.

Finally, there’s a Zella plus size sport bra that is being sold not by cup size but by clothing size, starting at size 14W and going up to 24W and in this blue space dye and a similar gray colorway.  It’s just $28.90 and comes no bells, whistles, or underwire, but Nordstrom has a great return policy so it could be worth a shot at that price.

I also had to include the Moving Comfort Rebound Racer – it doesn’t cover the same size range (only up to a 38DD), but it’s a comfy, high quality, wide-strapped bra for those of you who do a lot of running or jumping.  (It’s a nice upgrade from the bandage-type uniboob sports bras you might be squeezing into.)

If I’ve gotten you into shopping mode (I’m in it now myself!) and your workout clothes need a refresh, might I suggest…Forever 21?

Crazy, isn’t it? That expensive $18 tank top has a built-in sports bra, so pardon the price.

If you’re going to buy workout gear from Forever 21, ORDER ONLINE because the stuff in the stores isn’t the same.  Read the reviews, and leave it behind or size up if the reviewers say to.  If you’re buying the $4 leggings, go up 2 sizes so that you can both put them in the dryer and not worry about transparency.  Is this the highest performance workout clothing in the world? No.  Does it fit fine, look pretty cute, and get the job done? 100%.

I am a firm believer in having high quality shoes and sports bras that are right for your specific activities, and experimenting with the rest of your outfit.  I’ve owned $150 leggings and $15 leggings and, in the end, I like the $15 ones just as much because they last at least a year (even though I’m in workout clothes at least 5 days a week thanks to you guys!) and I can change them out when I get tired of them.

Speaking of shoes, Nordstrom has absolutely zero in the way of fitness shoes that are worth considering in this year’s Anniversary Sale, but I can recommend these training sneakers for the kinds of TRX – dumbbell – sandbell – moderate impact cross-training workouts that we do…and they’re all about $50 or under!  Most of them come in other colors in addition to the specific color that I linked here:

Happy shopping!


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