A Quick Procrastination Hack

start today to make real changeI pre-empted the post I had scheduled for today in favor of this quick procrastination hack.




…do it.

The thing you’re putting off is so small! And, the more times you “snooze” that task, the more effort it takes to finally start it.

So, just stop right now, take a deep breath, and do that thing you’re putting off.

(Why is this on my mind? Well, I’m a fan of tiny changes as steps toward lasting progress, but no change gets you no progress…and I’m not a fan of that!)

Do you need a bonus hack?

Set the timer on your phone for 6 minutes, and do whatever you can toward that thing you’re putting off in those 6 minutes. (I bet you even got it done!)

Do you need a bonus bonus hack?! Man, y’all are needy.

You are going to feel so free when you get that thing off your list.




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