summer fitness fun bingo

Summer Fitness Bingo!

Pick up your Summer Fitness Bingo card at the studio, or click the link in this post to print a card from home.

stop eating out of the dumpster

Meal Planning 101: Figuring Out What to Eat

Healthy eating does not mean that you ALWAYS choose the unsweetened tea, or the giant salad with dressing on the side, or the plain grilled chicken. It does not mean that you NEVER have the cookie or the ice cream or the chips and queso.

Real Life Self Care – The Best Gifts I’ve Given Myself in the Past Year

This list (in celebration of my birthday!) is of the best gifts I’ve chosen to give myself in the past year-ish; some of them have been a long time in the making, some of them are old habits that I’ve brought new love to, and some of them were snap decisions. All of them are things that I genuinely do EVERY day. While these specific ideas might not appeal to you, I hope that the point does: self-care means giving yourself what you really need, even if it’s not listed on Pinterest.

say no to shoulds

Resolution Reset – Should you? – Step 2

So, your timer went off and you were left with a big messy list…or maybe an empty sheet of paper.  (Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Start with Day One.) […]