Healthy Grocery Shopping

healthy grocery rabbit
Isn’t it tough to sort out the “whole wheat” from the “whole grain” from the “whole lotta BS” when you’re shopping for groceries?  Should you buy low-fat?  Low-carb?  Gluten-free?  Vegan?  Organic?  Free-range?

How about we just get a 20lb bag of ice and call it a day?

Tiny Fitness offers grocery consultations that can help you:

  • make over your existing grocery list and habits
  • fill your cart with healthy, nourishing food that you will actually eat
  • shop wayyyy faster by knowing what to focus on and what to ignore

-> Yes, help me! Book me a grocery consultation.

The majority of my personal training clients choose to have me go shopping with them at least once or twice at their favorite Houston-area grocery stores.  I start from your questions and your usual route through the store, and we work out the details along the way, like:

  • what actually matters on the Nutrition Facts label and ingredient list
  • all the different names and aliases that added sugar is allowed to go by
  • what do you mean you don’t like kale

…ok, ok, you don’t have to like kale.

By the end of the hour-ish trip, you will have an updated shopping list and maybe even a meal plan or two for weeks of easy, nutritious food that you will enjoy eating.

I mean, if you have healthy and delicious food in your home, you will eat it.  We will even make sure that you have “treats” and snacks – no nibbling away at a single lettuce leaf, please.

I am not a registered dietitian, but I have in-depth experience managing inflammation, food allergies, and hormonal issues with food.  (Anxiety and depression sometimes find themselves at the curb, too.)  Nutrition plays a giant role in how we feel from moment to moment, and I’m excited to help you feel better every day!

-> I want to feel better. Book my grocery consultation please!