• World’s Healthiest Foods – it’s not the prettiest site, but it makes it SO EASY to figure out what your best food choices are!
  • Spark People – a great online food and fitness tracker with a strong community to help support you on your fitness journey.  Ask me for tips on making the site easier to use!
  • My Fitness Pal – my favorite free app for tracking food and fitness. Their database is huge, so almost anything you eat will take mere seconds to track.


Houston is renowned for its restaurant scene. Most restaurants offer healthy options (no, that’s not code for salad), but these are my go-to picks for restaurants that serve food that’s high in quality AND flavor.

  • Snap Kitchen ($) – I guess it’s not even a restaurant, but it’s a wonderful takeaway place with locations around every corner. The staff is knowledgeable and I’ve never had a single bad bite from Snap.
  • Salad Extraveganza ($) – Craft your own salad with up to 80 toppings, and round out your meal with a tasty smoothie or acai bowl. I’ve made it up to 25 toppings so far – can you beat my record?
  • Corner Table ($$) – Corner Table is at the opposite end of the service spectrum from Snap Kitchen.  They’ll serve you a stylish, high-quality meal that may redefine your feelings about “health food”.
  • Elevation Burger ($) – Don’t worry about the “2 patty” burger – it’s still only 4 oz or so of lean ground beef.  Get your burger in a lettuce wrap instead of a traditional bun and prepare to be amazed. (Yes. Amazed.)
  • Ruggles Green ($) – Casual and traditional American fare.  They only barely make it onto my list anymore (their menu can be gimmicky and their dishes are, in my experience, hit-or-miss), but they have a few standout dishes (try the veggie pizza).





Tiny Fitness is in no way affiliated with or compensated by any of the establishments or services listed on this page.  These recommendations are provided as a convenience to our clients and are subject to change based on the opinions and experiences of Tiny Fitness team members.