Work Out #11 With Elizabeth

The dreaded “stability ball knee tucks” have been on my home work for three weeks and, at the point of my last work out, I had yet to accomplish one. I finally learned how to get my knees onto the ball without taking a nosedive, so I was actually able to do more than one (poorly, but I did it).

Work Out # 10 With Elizabeth

I hate to say this, and Elizabeth probably loves that I am saying this, but….I love working out with her! In the beginning, I was focused on continuing to lose weight, but it has become more than that. I enjoy going to the Tiny Fitness Studio, working with Elizabeth, and being my own witness to progress and change.

Work Out #9 With Elizabeth

This week’s training session with Elizabeth was very interesting. Elizabeth changed up my routine and we did some things that at one time I could not do. Now that I am stronger, I can actually do these exercises! I was really excited that Elizabeth was extra encouraging and motivating this week. She recognized improvements in my work outs and that I am gaining muscle mass. I did a lot of work on the TRX (my favorite) and, as I said, it was challenging.

Work Out # 8 With Elizabeth

I wasn’t looking forward to working out this week – not at all, not one bit, but I have to say that it doesn’t fail that every single time I do something good for Brie, I feel better. That goes for almost everything!

Work Out #7 With Elizabeth

This week rocked! I really am enjoying walking. I am doing twice a day often and I feel like it’s helping my mood. Seriously! I have never been an outside person, but I honestly enjoy taking my daily walks and enjoying this beautiful weather. I have a gym membership and I used to walk on the treadmill there, but walking outside is so much better. It’s good for me physically, it has become something that I look forward to, and it helps me appreciate the beauty of creation.

Work out #6 With Elizabeth

Note from Elizabeth: Brie showed up this week ultra-ready to work out, and she did a great job with some new tough moves like this stability ball side leg lift!  […]

Work Out #5 With Elizabeth

Check out Brie’s update from her 5th workout! Spoiler alert: Well, guess who lost 4 inches and 7 pounds of body fat: ME! That’s right!

Work out #4 with Elizabeth

Circuit training is a great way to prevent plateaus, as it gets your muscles out of their routine and often allows you to complete more reps than straight sets would. (Brie doesn’t have to worry about plateaus yet, but I always try to plateau-proof my clients as much as possible.) Properly planned circuits can also be great calorie torchers if the cardio comes at the right times, in the right proportions, and at the right intensity for your fitness level.

When to Miss a Workout – And What to Do Next (No Brie update this week)

Brie and I didn’t work out last week, but it’s on for this week so you will see her again soon! Missed workouts happen in real life, so I’m taking the opportunity to talk with y’all about what to do after you miss a workout – because it’s way more important than the fact that you missed a workout or two.