Work Out #11 With Elizabeth

The dreaded “stability ball knee tucks” have been on my home work for three weeks and, at the point of my last work out, I had yet to accomplish one. I finally learned how to get my knees onto the ball without taking a nosedive, so I was actually able to do more than one (poorly, but I did it).

Work Out # 10 With Elizabeth

I hate to say this, and Elizabeth probably loves that I am saying this, but….I love working out with her! In the beginning, I was focused on continuing to lose weight, but it has become more than that. I enjoy going to the Tiny Fitness Studio, working with Elizabeth, and being my own witness to progress and change.

Work Out #9 With Elizabeth

This week’s training session with Elizabeth was very interesting. Elizabeth changed up my routine and we did some things that at one time I could not do. Now that I am stronger, I can actually do these exercises! I was really excited that Elizabeth was extra encouraging and motivating this week. She recognized improvements in my work outs and that I am gaining muscle mass. I did a lot of work on the TRX (my favorite) and, as I said, it was challenging.

Work Out # 8 With Elizabeth

I wasn’t looking forward to working out this week – not at all, not one bit, but I have to say that it doesn’t fail that every single time I do something good for Brie, I feel better. That goes for almost everything!

Work Out #7 With Elizabeth

This week rocked! I really am enjoying walking. I am doing twice a day often and I feel like it’s helping my mood. Seriously! I have never been an outside person, but I honestly enjoy taking my daily walks and enjoying this beautiful weather. I have a gym membership and I used to walk on the treadmill there, but walking outside is so much better. It’s good for me physically, it has become something that I look forward to, and it helps me appreciate the beauty of creation.

Work out #6 With Elizabeth

Note from Elizabeth: Brie showed up this week ultra-ready to work out, and she did a great job with some new tough moves like this stability ball side leg lift!  […]