infuse your water to make it more fun

Bored with water? Make your water more fun!

If you know you need to drink more water but you’re not sure how, hopefully one of these five tips will help you reach your hydration goals! Your whole body will thank you.

What it Really Takes – Five Surprising Secrets for Real Results

If you’re struggling to stay motivated (or even to get started) with your fitness journey, I hope this post will help you. As both a fitness professional and someone who has worked hard to earn my fitness results, I have found the following “secrets” to be true of everyone who succeeds in reaching – and sustaining – their goals.

You can take these steps one at a time, but you will probably find the best progress when you have all five in place. I’ve put them in the order that will probably bring you the best success, so start with step 1 and go from there.


5 Ways to…cook when you’re “too busy too cook”!

When you’re feeling like you don’t have time to cook, here are my real-life, tried-and-true, top 5 tips for how to feed yourself something healthy and (mostly) homemade without planning ahead. All of these strategies can be used right now, although you might have to stop by a grocery store.

5 ways to…improve your pre-workout snack!

One of the top questions I get as a trainer is, “What should I eat before my workout?” These are my top five pre-workout snack recommendations from my personal experience and from my experience as a personal trainer.

Five Ways to…Bounce Back from Indulgence

I just got back from my birthday trip to NYC, where I ate my first ever (gluten-free) pasta carbonara.  Rich, salty, flavorful…and bloat-inducing, because it’s so far outside the boundaries […]