Debunking the “1200 Calorie” Myth

Just when I think it’s going out of style, the “1200 calorie myth” crops back up – that is, the idea that 1200 calories is the magic “baseline” number for calorie consumption, or that it is the ideal “weight loss” number, or that it’s the “minimum daily” number.

The Most Important MyFitnessPal Number for Weight Loss

If you are honestly and thoroughly tracking your exercise and food in MyFitnessPal and you have your goal intake correctly set to reflect your BMR and activity level (NOT the default value that the app fills in), this one number can honestly tell you whether or not you are likely to lose weight:

Copying Meals in MyFitnessPal

Copying meals in MyFitnessPal can save a lot of time on your food tracking – as long as you know the steps!   First, tap “more” below the meal you […]