healtyh office snacks

Healthy Foods to Store at the Office (Or Wherever You Work)

Nearly all of my clients struggle with eating during their workdays! We’ll talk separately about how to pack easy, healthy meals to take to work, but this post has more than a dozen healthy, no- or low-prep snacks that can live at your office (or even in your car or bag) for whenever hunger strikes.

coffee boost workoit performance

Coffee and Your Workout

In honor of National Coffee Day, let’s take a quick peek at if – and how – coffee can help you reach your fitness goals

trader joe's favorites

Five Tasty Trader Joe’s Faves

Five (okay, six) Trader Joe’s favorites from the fall of 2017 – healthy, affordable, convenient, and tasty foods that will up your snack and meal prep game with zero effort.

what will add protein to your diet

Is it a protein source?

Are lentils a protein source? Bacon? Almonds? Tofu?! What about protein shakes and bars? Get the full scoop on protein.