Healthy and Delicious Last-minute Thanksgiving Side Dishes

These tasty side dishes have 5 or fewer ingredients and take 5 minutes or less of hands-on prep time – and no one else will have them on their menu! Get started now with a healthier take on mac and cheese, two ways to cook brussels sprouts or any greens, and the easiest squash recipe ever.

infuse your water to make it more fun

Bored with water? Make your water more fun!

If you know you need to drink more water but you’re not sure how, hopefully one of these five tips will help you reach your hydration goals! Your whole body will thank you.

stay healthy holidays

2017 Holiday Survival Guide Is Here!

Nearly 40 pages of recipes, workouts, tips, and even gift ideas to make this holiday season healthy…and still enjoy all of your favorite treats.

healtyh office snacks

Healthy Foods to Store at the Office (Or Wherever You Work)

Nearly all of my clients struggle with eating during their workdays! We’ll talk separately about how to pack easy, healthy meals to take to work, but this post has more than a dozen healthy, no- or low-prep snacks that can live at your office (or even in your car or bag) for whenever hunger strikes.