strawberry gluten free muffins

Summer Sunshine Muffins + Serving Size Real Talk

One muffin, endless variations (two presented here!), pure summer vibes.

(MyFitnessPal tracking peeps – don’t forget that you can put the link to this post into MFP and it will read the recipe for you to make tracking easier!)

breakfast cookies

Quinoa Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

I give these cookies a B+, health-wise; I don’t love baking with protein powder (heat + protein = not the best for you), and I think that quinoa flakes are a little bit on the processed side, but when you compare these to the alternative…eat up!

Healthy Holiday Recipes: Pies (and then some)

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5 Ways to…cook when you’re “too busy too cook”!

When you’re feeling like you don’t have time to cook, here are my real-life, tried-and-true, top 5 tips for how to feed yourself something healthy and (mostly) homemade without planning ahead. All of these strategies can be used right now, although you might have to stop by a grocery store.

WTF is for Breakfast

Wondering what to make for breakfast? WTF (Weird Trainer Food) to the rescue! I get this question ALL the time, and even the most experienced healthy eaters get sick of […]