breakfast cookies

Quinoa Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

I give these cookies a B+, health-wise; I don’t love baking with protein powder (heat + protein = not the best for you), and I think that quinoa flakes are a little bit on the processed side, but when you compare these to the alternative…eat up!

Healthy Holiday Recipes: Pies (and then some)

Last year, I shared several three holiday cookie recipes with you…so this year, I’m stepping it up with 2 pie recipes, the world’s most versatile quick bread (loaf), and my […]

5 Ways to…cook when you’re “too busy too cook”!

When you’re feeling like you don’t have time to cook, here are my real-life, tried-and-true, top 5 tips for how to feed yourself something healthy and (mostly) homemade without planning ahead. All of these strategies can be used right now, although you might have to stop by a grocery store.

WTF is for Breakfast

Wondering what to make for breakfast? WTF (Weird Trainer Food) to the rescue! I get this question ALL the time, and even the most experienced healthy eaters get sick of […]

5 Ways to…snack smarter!

Even though I’m a personal trainer, I’m not always a 100% perfect model of health.  When my life gets extra busy, I find myself reaching for snacks that aren’t always […]

Peppermint Vanilla Protein Bars

Ready to start the new year with some poorly photographed but delicious protein bars?  Would it help convince you if I told you they contain only five ingredients (six if […]

The Best Chocolate Frosting

We’ve all tried “healthy” recipes that taste REALLY…healthy. Those recipes that say “you’ll never guess!” Wrong! We guessed! The zucchini didn’t taste like pizza crust after all! So please believe […]