pop tarts high protein

Healthy Homemade Pop-Tarts (or breakfast tarts)

I took a classic homemade pop-tart recipe, made the crust high in protein but still tender and delicious, and made sure that you could freeze and re-heat it since the prep takes a few more minutes than my standard oatmeal cookie kind of breakfast. I also filled it with delights ranging from pumpkin pie filling to an unbelievable chocolate tahini blend and even plain old (low-sugar) jam.

Then I had to hold off on posting the recipe because I was cooking with pumpkin and it was still August. Don’t judge.

breakfast cookies

Conquer Chocolate Cravings Forever…With Chocolate

Food cravings do not, unfortunately, always mean that your body “needs” something that is in the food you’re craving.  The hormones that govern sensations of hunger and craving are complex, […]

strawberry gluten free muffins

Summer Sunshine Muffins + Serving Size Real Talk

One muffin, endless variations (two presented here!), pure summer vibes.

(MyFitnessPal tracking peeps – don’t forget that you can put the link to this post into MFP and it will read the recipe for you to make tracking easier!)