coffee boost workoit performance

Coffee and Your Workout

In honor of National Coffee Day, let’s take a quick peek at if – and how – coffee can help you reach your fitness goals

10 minute walk ideas

Three Walks Worth Taking

Three different walks that are worth your time at home or at work – all you need is 10 minutes! Bonus – six Houston walking routes with parking and surface info.

10000 daily steps without going outside

How (And Why) I got 10,000 Steps Without Leaving My House

There are three takeaways for EVERYONE at the end of this post, unless you’re already an expert on the difference between NEAT and working out. In that case, click through just to see how many steps you get while playing soccer with your dog!

houston summer cardio challenge

Where will you go? A fun summer challenge…

This informal summer challenge is for all of the walkers, runners, and (even indoor) cyclists out there – or anyone who might find themselves with a spare moment to cover […]

is it possible to form a fitness habit

When will working out become a habit?

One of the most common conversations I have with my personal training clients is about when working out will ever become a habit. Pinterest and Instagram have their opinions, right? […]