Freestyle Friday: Why “Tiny”?

Once you visit Tiny Fitness, you’ll understand a bit more about how the studio got its name. The studio is…tiny.

Houston has plenty of big gyms, filled with row after row of treadmills and weight racks, and they are great resources! I love big gyms. But big gyms don’t always feel like home. I wanted a studio that was cozy and welcoming but still offered all the tools I needed to get in top shape…so, I made one. Now we all have a tiny studio with a big heart (and, I’m told, big fun!).

Once you meet me, you might understand a bit more about the studio’s name. On a good day, I stand about 5’2″ and a half. (You know what they say about good things and small packages…right?)

But even after you’ve come to the studio and met me, even after a sweaty hour bouncing to Zumba tunes or trembling through just one more plank, you might not know the rest of the story.

Fitness is…tiny.

Fitness isn’t an all-in commitment to protein shakes and spandex. It’s the magic that occurs when all of your daily efforts start to add up.

Working out is great! But it has a cumulative effect that’s far greater than any single marathon sweat session could ever bring you. Each tiny choice that you make to move more, even if it’s only for 10 minutes at a time, is another step toward being in better shape.

Eating (mostly) healthy foods is fabulous. Every bite you take will become part of the new you – that amounts to hundreds of tiny choices every day that can carry you farther down the path to your goals (and leaves at least a few dozen bites left over for, say, pizza and chocolate).

Water and sleep are the invisible heroes of every fitness program. They don’t come from some late-night infomercial – in fact, you probably get them both for (mostly) free! I can’t think of many activities that are better for your health than drinking enough water and getting enough rest…or tinier fitness steps.

This magic takes time. If you give your tiny choices a chance, they will grow into something much bigger. There will be good days and bad days, but every tiny effort puts you closer to your results.

That is why it’s “Tiny” here at Tiny Fitness.

To borrow loosely from Mother Teresa: We can do no great things, only tiny things with great love.

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