Work Out # 8 With Elizabeth

Note from Elizabeth: Brie is continuing to make incredible progress from week to week, even when life throws her a curveball or five.  I can see how much stronger she is when she is at the studio, and I can see in her food log how much easier (easier…I didn’t say easy) it’s getting for her to make better choices that will give her the nutrition she needs to feel better every day.  I can’t wait to do her next assessment soon and see how far she has come already!

Hey gang! So, last week was a rough week for me medically. I was sick to the point that it required hospitalization (nothing from working out) because I have some chronic illnesses that sometimes wipe me out. I will say that, although I didn’t meet with Elizabeth last week, I completed all of my homework for the very first time, before I got ill. I am still not feeling my best, but Elizabeth created a work out that enabled me to work on my upper body strength, without interfering with my other issue.

I wasn’t looking forward to working out this week – not at all, not one bit, but I have to say that it doesn’t fail that every single time I do something good for Brie, I feel better. That goes for almost everything!

Every time I choose to get up and walk in the morning, I feel pretty good the rest of the day (and what gorgeous weather we have had).

Every time I choose to eat something healthy and good for me, I feel good about my choice and get the benefits from eating well.

I will give major kudos to Elizabeth, for recognizing that I had an issue that could impede a full body workout, and creating something that still was well-rounded and challenging. She’s very intuitive in that way. Although, she still doesn’t get as excited as I would like her to when I accomplish something major, like finishing all my homework (still waiting on cartwheels and jazz hands), she does allow me to work at a reasonable pace that produces results and as a byproduct, a happier, healthier, Brie!

See you next week!

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