Fit holiday weekends?! Summer Challenge – Rest and Reflect

Howwwww can you make your holiday weekends a little bit fitter?  How can you keep health in your holiday weekend plans?  Here are 3 easy tips:

1. Moderation, in Moderation.

Enjoy holiday foods and libations BUT make sure you’re actually enjoying what you’ve chosen to…enjoy.  Holidays, like regular days, aren’t good times for mindless munching.  So, fill up your plate with what you really intend to savor, pour yourself a pitcher glass of whatever beverage you’re sipping, and move awayyyy from the food table.

It’s worth it to enjoy a couple of cookies.  It’s NOT worth it to palm a handful of M&Ms every 30 seconds until your fingertips graze the bottom of the bowl…but we’ve all been there (or somewhere nearby) because we parked ourselves near the buffet.

2. Keep On Moving.

It’s fun to try fitness classes in a new city – and no one has to know that you’ve never done barre before, that you don’t think you have the rhythm for a Zumba class, or that “bootcamp” inspires terror in your veins.

Walking is also a fun way to explore, whether you’re at the beach or in a city.  You don’t have to strap on your wrist weights and go for a power walk – even a lazy stroll is better than staying comatose 24/7.

If you’ve got a willing team, a water balloon or super soaker fight is a fun way to get moving.  Houston’s got some sand volleyball courts at local parks.  There are pedal boats and/or canoes at Hermann Park, Discovery Green, and the Woodlands Waterway.  And, if you’ve got small people around (or you’re extra fun), you might like these workout games.

3. Get RIGHT Back to your Routine.

Worst case scenario, you take a long weekend off and your activity level becomes temporarily indistinguishable from that of your couch cushions.  Breaks can be great!  BUT, get right back to your regular healthy living routine the very next day so that the break doesn’t sneakily become a month-long hiatus.

Not judging – it happens all the time.  But you can prevent it!  Just think how sore you’ll be if you skip a whole month of working out…so, go right back to regular life when your break is over.


So, those are MY tips for keeping healthy living in your holiday weekend.  What are yours?  Share yours and tag us on Facebook or Instagram before July 15 to be eligible to win prizes!  Get your copy of the summer challenge calendar if you’re not sure what I’m talking about 😉

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