75 More Days of 2017 – What Can You Accomplish in 75 Days?

lose inches run fasterAs of the day this post goes up, there will be 75 days left in 2017.  Before you decide to let the rest of the year slide by and pick things up at “resolution time“, let’s talk about what you could accomplish in the next 75 days with a relatively low (less than 2 hours per week) level of effort.

If you’re starting as a brand-new beginner…

If you’re not currently working out at all, but you’re in good enough shape (per your doctor) to start, with just three workouts each week you could achieve any of the following by the end of 2017:

  • jogging 3 miles (a 5k) nonstop
  • comfortably walking 3 miles nonstop in under or about 48 minutes
  • planking for 90 seconds
  • comfortably completing at least 25 consecutive push-ups with good form

If you’re already working out and kind of fit…

If you’re already working out 2-3 times a week at a moderately high effort level, and your doctor is okay with you working harder, with just three workouts each week you could do any of these by the end of 2017:

  • complete an unassisted pull-up (assuming you’re within about 10% of a healthy bodyweight for your height)
  • jog 5 or more miles nonstop
  • run a mile in under 10 minutes
  • plank for 2 minutes – or more

If healthy eating is more your challenge, you could…

Why not start with these changes today?!  If you make just one change per week, you could accomplish any of these before the year is up:

  • add 12 new recipes to your rotation
  • make 12 small swaps to improve your nutrition – like swapping soda for water, or a giant serving of ice cream for the 1/2 cup that’s a bit more reasonably sized
  • find 12 new places to pick up a nutritious lunch while you’re at the office
  • put 3 helpful kitchen tools on your holiday wishlist – do you need a scale? measuring cups? to-go containers? a countertop grill?

If you do any of these consistently for the next 75 days, you can…

  • expect to lose inches off of your waist and legs
  • expect to have more energy and better sleep
  • expect to handle holiday stress and busy schedules more gracefully
  • start 2018 with a smile

You don’t need to do them all – just pick something that appeals to you and stick with it until the end of the year.  Don’t forget to track your progress toward your goal and take some starting measurements so you can celebrate for even more reasons when 2018 gets here.

PS – if you’re not sure what you need to do in those three workouts a week to reach these goals, get in touch with me at Tiny Fitness and I will get you started!

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