Resolution Reset

Are you…

…tired of setting goals that don’t work?

…still working on the same goal from 3 years ago?

…always looking for “motivation” to reach your goals?

…ready to stop making the same New Year’s Resolutions year after year (or maybe stop making them at all)?

I was, too!  I want to give you my time-tested methods to reach your goals, so won’t you join me for a…

Resolution Reset!

As a certified personal trainer, I live in the land of goals – successes, not-so-successes, and lots of stubborn struggles against the same old roadblocks.  Making changes is hard, but it’s even harder if you’re not trying to make the right changes or change for the right reasons.  Resolution Reset will help you connect right away with your right goals and reasons, because I want this to be “the time that works” for you.

All you’ll need to get started, besides whatever device you’re already reading this with:

  • something to write with
  • something to write on
  • a few spare minutes
  • a little bit of faith in the process (it’s ok if it’s a very tiny bit)

What I will give you:

  • proven, easy, doable steps to reach your goals that have worked for each of my clients (they’re right at the bottom of this page)
  • videos, a downloadable workbook, and live support in our Facebook group for your specific goals
  • silent cheering from the other side of the internet for as long as it takes you to reach your goals

Start when you’re ready!

These tips aren’t going anywhere, and any day is a good day to start.