Success Stories

More success stories are added often, so check back soon for more inspiring stories of all the big results that people are getting at Tiny Fitness.

Jordan – Setting the Standard and Losing 3 Sizes

Jordan came to Tiny Fitness fresh from a serious car accident that nearly left her unable to walk.  She had just completed her physical therapy and, despite the pain, wanted to start getting back into shape.

She worked in her workouts around her busy work schedule and jumped into training with both feet, often training three times a week to become stronger than she had ever been.  TRX workouts at the playground, Pilates, sport drills that hearkened back to when she was a volleyball player, and even full pull-ups – Jordan tackled them all with a smile.

Jordan worked harder in her workouts than clients who hadn’t been through her circumstances, and her results showed it: she reached her goal of losing three pants sizes, she learned to make healthy choices even while eating at restaurants and while on the road for work, and she regained her range of motion and confidence in her ability to work out without limitations.

Edna – 7 Weeks to Success

Edna came to Tiny Fitness with some strict orders from her doctor: she had to improve some scary test results within 8 weeks, or she would be put on yet another prescription.

Edna’s first few workouts were full of anxiety – she wasn’t sure if she would be able to make the change in time or keep up with her walking “homework” and the changes to her daily diet.  But Edna put in a ton of hard work, swapping out fast food for homemade tacos and baked chicken, fitting in fitness walks with her family or even inside a big box store, and giving 100% at each of her workouts with Elizabeth.

Building off of her already healthy habits, like drinking water instead of sodas, Edna began to believe that she could reach her first goal.  Week after week she got stronger and stronger, her waist got smaller and smaller, and she worked harder and harder at improving her eating habits.  She pushed herself to finish each Tiny Fitness workout with fewer breaks, and she bravely tried every exercise and circuit that Elizabeth threw her way.

But she didn’t improve her test results within 8 weeks.

She did it in 7!

Edna’s improved health is just the first stepping stone in her fitness journey.  In just 8 weeks of working out with Tiny Fitness, she has already lost more than 5 inches off her waist and hips, and she might even be starting to like burpees.  (But don’t tell her I noticed!)

Nita – Fitting In Fitness

Nita told me clearly at her first workout that she had “no upper body strength” – words out of the mouths of so many of my clients.  So you might be surprised to know that she could do 20lb bicep curls within just a few weeks of beginning her personal training sessions!

Nita didn’t just increase her upper body strength during her workouts at Tiny Fitness, though – she trainer her core and her lower body as well, stabilizing joints that had long felt a little out of whack.  Even when life threw her some curveballs – a job change, a broken toe, and lots of travel – she stayed committed to her workouts and even found ways to fit in fitness while she was on the road.

Nita embraces the fun challenge of each of her strength workouts and continues to enjoy her “grown-up playtime” each week…and we love to see her get stronger with every session.  (We’ve even helped her get more out of her favorite workouts, like spin classes, outside of Tiny Fitness!)

Katie – Success Inside and Out

Katie started working out at Tiny Fitness so she could learn how to make exercise and healthy eating actually work for her – she had tried many different things before, but none of them truly stuck.

Katie also took on an additional challenge of doing lots of her workouts at home, only coming to work out at the Tiny Fitness studio once or twice a month for her first few months of training.  There were some good weeks and some not-so-good weeks, but despite a few missed workouts, the inches and pounds started to disappear.

When Katie committed to working out at the studio every week, her progress really accelerated!  She began to stay on track with her healthy eating plan, she finally found time to get in some walking and Zumba Fitness during the week, and she even completed 90% of her home strength circuits.

She was glad that her clothes were fitting better (her measurements are down more than 20 inches from when she started, after all), but best of all were the results that she couldn’t see:

  • she felt better and believed in herself more
  • her A1C went down from 6.4 in May to 5.9 in October
  • her fasting blood sugar was in a healthy range

Katie is a shining example of how our human ups and downs don’t have to be the end of our fitness journey.  There are good days and bad days in life, but each is a stepping stone in our path to our best life.  Katie still hasn’t quit, and I am sure that even better things (and still more results) are in store for her!

Paul – 20 Pounds Down and Counting

Paul had worked out quite a bit in the past, but after an injury sidelined him from the gym for several years he was gun-shy about getting back into the fitness game.  His health and weight loss quest had gone on for decades, but his renewed motivation finally led him to Tiny Fitness.

His workouts got off to a shaky start – literally, as he wasn’t giving his body enough fuel – but as the weeks went by he became stronger and stronger. His bicep curls increased from 5 pounds to an easy 25 pounds; push-ups and sit-ups went from struggle to ease.  He began to track his food, and with Elizabeth’s prodding he added snacks into his day and more protein into his meals to keep his newly built muscles fueled.

And, before he knew it, he had lost 20 pounds.

Like everyone else, Paul’s daily motivation waxes and wanes, but his big picture health goals keep him on track.  With a family history of certain preventable lifestyle diseases, Paul knows it’s important to keep up his activity level even when life gets in the way of his personal training sessions. He has learned how to enjoy treat foods in moderation, and he has rediscovered how good daily life can feel when health is back in balance.  He continues to meet the increasing challenges of his workouts with strength and determination, and his future fitness successes are even closer than he thinks.


J.P. – All About the Breakfast Tacos

J.P. was already working out and eating healthy when she came to Tiny Fitness, so most of you would probably wonder why she even decided to work with a personal trainer.  It all came down to:

  • finding the best workouts for her goals
  • learning exercises to help tighten and tone her most stubborn areas
  • discovering a better balance of carbs, protein and fat – one that she could maintain as a lifestyle, not a diet, and one that lets her eat chips and queso (or breakfast tacos!) when necessary without a shred of guilt
  • ending her dependence on the scale

J.P. has worked her butt off (or on) and lost more than three inches off her hips, waist, and thighs since she started training at Tiny Fitness.  She is back in her skinniest “skinny jeans”, she has hauled the world’s heaviest suitcase around Europe for more than a week at a time with no assistance, and she is more than twice as strong as when she started working out with Elizabeth.  She is about to tackle an ambitious running goal…and I’m sure she will make it!

TS – Wedding Day Fit

TS was already in pretty great shape when she started training at Tiny Fitness (especially since she had been part of our Zumba Fitness party for a few months beforehand), but she had set some tough goals for herself for her wedding and honeymoon.  She began training with one goal: to lose inches from her legs and build muscle tone to rock a bikini with extra confidence.

She began training with Elizabeth twice a week, then upped it to three times as her wedding date approached.  With a little attention to nutrition and lots of cardio intervals, TRX training, pilates, and weight lifting, her legs leaned out even more than anticipated and she finally liked the way they looked in photos.

TS had to learn to fuel her body for performance instead of over-restricting her diet, but when she added in some extra healthy snacks each day her performance – and mood – skyrocketed.  She also had to learn that the scale wasn’t the best measurement of her leg progress, and she learned to appreciate her progress through measurements and progress photos since they told the most accurate story.  She pushed harder than anyone had previously worked at Tiny Fitness, and her amazing results and strength prove it every day!



Watch Brie’s success unfold each week as she blogs (unedited!) about it here on the Tiny Fitness blog.  Spoiler: she is earning herself some fabulous results.

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