is it possible to form a fitness habit

When will working out become a habit?

One of the most common conversations I have with my personal training clients is about when working out will ever become a habit. Pinterest and Instagram have their opinions, right? […]

come get positive at tiny fitness

Making Room for Change

Every time you visit the Tiny Fitness studio, you pass by two boxes: One is full of positivity (I won’t spoil the surprise about what’s in there – stop by […]

Mistakes Were Made…Now What?

I am definitely not perfect! I have a lot of adventures every week… But they make me better and better at laughing at myself. Some of my favorite mistakes just […]

Old Underwear: A Fitness Lesson

Somewhere in your dresser is that old, holey pair of underwear that you know you should throw out, but you keep it just in case you have a day that […]