10 minute walk ideas

Three Walks Worth Taking

Three different walks that are worth your time at home or at work – all you need is 10 minutes! Bonus – six Houston walking routes with parking and surface info.

what will add protein to your diet

Is it a protein source?

Are lentils a protein source? Bacon? Almonds? Tofu?! What about protein shakes and bars? Get the full scoop on protein.

raise your standards

Where is your rock bottom?

You don’t have to accept the very worst. How low can you go and still make progress toward your goals? And how low are you willing to go? How do you bounce back when life gets (and even stays) messy?

is it possible to form a fitness habit

When will working out become a habit?

One of the most common conversations I have with my personal training clients is about when working out will ever become a habit. Pinterest and Instagram have their opinions, right? […]