BURPEES! How, why, and ..really, why?

Why do burpees?

Burpees are an effective little tool for working almost every muscle in your body while also getting your heart rate up. They’re a great, equipment-free tool for taking a snapshot of your current fitness level.

What it Really Takes – Five Surprising Secrets for Real Results

If you’re struggling to stay motivated (or even to get started) with your fitness journey, I hope this post will help you. As both a fitness professional and someone who has worked hard to earn my fitness results, I have found the following “secrets” to be true of everyone who succeeds in reaching – and sustaining – their goals.

You can take these steps one at a time, but you will probably find the best progress when you have all five in place. I’ve put them in the order that will probably bring you the best success, so start with step 1 and go from there.


Work out #4 with Elizabeth

Circuit training is a great way to prevent plateaus, as it gets your muscles out of their routine and often allows you to complete more reps than straight sets would. (Brie doesn’t have to worry about plateaus yet, but I always try to plateau-proof my clients as much as possible.) Properly planned circuits can also be great calorie torchers if the cardio comes at the right times, in the right proportions, and at the right intensity for your fitness level.

When to Miss a Workout – And What to Do Next (No Brie update this week)

Brie and I didn’t work out last week, but it’s on for this week so you will see her again soon! Missed workouts happen in real life, so I’m taking the opportunity to talk with y’all about what to do after you miss a workout – because it’s way more important than the fact that you missed a workout or two.